The Doering Building

The Doering building has had a long and varied history.  The first structure appears to have been built on this site in 1885, and then through a couple of phased builds was replaced by the current structure in 1895(ish).  At varying points, it was a bath house, mercantile, tin shop, flooring business and antiques store.   There were almost as many remodels of the interior and exterior of the building.  While jointly working with the Main Street Program of the Texas Historic Commission and Georgetown’s historic officers, we found a few historic photos of the structure.

The first process of the remodel was to repoint the exterior limestone and brick. The years had eroded much of the mortar on the rear of the building.  After receiving approval from the Historic Commission, we removed the first-floor façade, replacing the 1980’s brick with a Douglas Fir storefront and secondary entrance.  Old windows were replaced with custom, energy-efficient, double-paned, and sashed second-floor windows.  A standing seam, black metal awning was added for shade and protection from the morning sun.

On the interior of the building, our mason patched and fixed “upwards of 1000” holes in the old masonry.  New gas, water and wastewater lines brought in some modern conveniences.  The bathroom was re-tiled and the old long leaf floors received some much-needed care.   Finally, fire suppression was installed, both for the benefit of the building and the surrounding neighbors.

This was a wonderful project that brought back the beauty of this building.